Organizational CV

Some dates are approximate
  1. Return to Iran from US: June 1978
  2. Participation in the labor movement and mass protest againt the Monachy 1978-1979
  3. Membership in communist cells and caucuses,participating in anti regime agitations,distributing communist literature etsblishing connections with the worker and leftist activists.
  4. Participation in uprising in Tehran (January 1979), participation in attacking Eshrat-Abad Military Base and Regime's Secret Police (SAVAK) headquarters in Saltanat-Abad.
  5. Arrested by the new Islamic Republic during the transfer of captured arms, ammunition and other military equipments. April 1979 to June 1979
  6. Member of the editorial board of the weekly paper "Revolution", Journal "The Revolutionary Union for the Emancipation of the Working Class" 1979
  7. Participate in the formation of a communist group: "The Revolutionary Fight for the Freedom of the Working Class" - 1980
  8. Participation in the Formation of "The Revolutionary-Marxist Faction" 1981
  9. Joining the forces for the formation of the Iranian Communist Party 1981
  10. Surviving the massacre of the communists by the Islamic Government 1981-1982
  11. Moving to Kurdistan (then under the control of the Kurdish Rebels) - 1983
  12. Collaborating with the "Radio Voice of Iranian Revolution" (then Komala's Radio) -1983
  13. Responsibility of "The Radio Voice of Iranian Revolution" - Summer 1983
  14. Member of the Founding Congress of the Communist Party of Iran - 1983
  15. Elected as a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran - 1983
  16. Member of the Fourth Congress of Komala - 1983
  17. Elected as a member of the Central Committee and the standing Leadership Committee of Komala - 1983 - renewed in its fifth and sixth Congresses: 1983 - 1989
  18. Permanent and periodical responsibilities in the "Leadership Committee of Komala":
    1. Routine turning responsibilities in the Leadership Committee
    2. Responsibility of the Komala's urban and rural Organizations (TAKESH and KATMAR) (now the Kurdistan Organization of the Communist Party of Iran) - Permanent responsibility 1983-1889
    3. Responsibility of the Komala's Intelligence Centre - Permanent
    4. Responsible of the first and second periods of the The Communist Party Cadres' School "October" -1983-1984
    5. Responsibility of Komala's Treasury - Periodic
    6. Responsibility of the Komala's Secretariat (responsible for the organizations such as Military academy, telecommunications, camps, logistics, armoury, prisons, medical center, logistical organizations in Iraq etc. - Periodic
  19. Representative of the Communist Party's Politburo in Kurdistan - periodic -1988
  20. Member of the Communist Party's Executive committee and moving to Europe 1989
  21. Secretary of Communist Party's Central Committee - 1990
  22. Joining the Worker-communist Center (other Members: Mansoor Hekmat, Reza Moghaddam, Iraj Azarin) - 1990
  23. Responsibility of the Federation of Iranian Refugees Councils- 1990
  24. Member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of Iran (other Members: Mansoor Hekmat, Reza Moghaddam, Iraj Azarin) 1990-1992
  25. Separation from the Communist Party of Iran and signatory to the declaration of the formation of The Worker-communist Party of Iran (with Mansoor Hekamt, Iraj Azarin and Reza Moqadam) - 1992
  26. Member of the Central Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran 1992 to split in 2004
  27. Co-founding the Marx Society - London, with Mansoor Hekmat - 2000
  28. Chair of the politburo of the Worker-communist Party's after Mansoor Hekamts's illness - 2002
  29. Secretary of the Central Committee and the Leader of the Worker-communist Party of Iran 2002 - 2004
  30. Chair of the Worker-communist Party of Iran's politburo 2004 (after the party's fourth congress) to the split in September 2004
  31. Founding member of the Workers-communist Party - Hekmatist - September 2004
  32. Member of the Central Committee and the Secretary of the Worker-communist Party - Hekmatist - until October 2010 - its Fourth Congress