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I have been actively engaged in the Iranian communist and workers' movement since 1978. For the most part of this time I have played my part at the heart of the revolutionary communist movement in Iran.

At the beginning of 2010, at the behest of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Interpol posted my name on its list of "WANTED". A shame for the Interpol maybe and then maybe not. After all the Interpol is the confederation of all the police forces in the world.

My organizational resume is available on this page.

My audience speaks Persian; hence almost all of my work has been written or spoken in Persian. I have tried, with the help of a number of comrades, to provide these literatures in English, German, Arabic and Kurdish. With a limited resources in this regard, most of the links in this page will take you to a Persian page. Until I can manage to translate them in to other languages, you have to rely on the Google Translate to obtain an approximate and sometimes funny translation of the written material. For the audio materials, I am afraid I cannot do much for the time being. Some of the materials have been transcribed and I will try to transcribe the rest, time permitting.

I would welcome any offers of translation if you find any articles or issues worth being produced in other languages. I will be able to help with the editing the English material, but, not of much use in other languages.

Here, I will add the English material, as they become available.

Your views and comments on what you find in this page is very much appreciated.

Koorosh Modarresi

October 2010